Elite Talent ID is the answer to your sports performance monitoring needs and the platform for your ongoing recruitment process.

Until now sports performance analysis could be ambiguous, inaccurate, irrelevant and unrecorded. Even if they didn’t follow this trend false memories and social proof could skew those recordings affecting the decisions made from them and ultimately proving them flawed.

These questionable ways of monitoring performance can form the basis of decisions costing into the millions. Decisions defining the success of each organisation and yet they lack any relevant supporting evidence.

What if there was a better, more accurate performance monitoring tool that enabled you to find sports players or athletes from evidence based data revolving around your specific criteria?

Combining the expertise and knowledge of your organisation with objective data will create a higher level of confidence in your reports. In doing so the financial and performance benefits in identifying the right individual over the wrong one are clear to see. Value could be found where others find none, the ratio between value and cost could be measurable and your decisions could lead to more and more success.

Elite Talent ID provides a fully customisable and dynamic monitoring tool that can create solutions for your short, medium and long term recruitment and analysis.

Elite Talent ID allows you to create and access a database of your monitored players anywhere in the world at any time. Having the ability to create tangible ratings and evaluations based on match reports, statistical analysis and video investigations gives you the power to present players for review and recruitment.

From scouting every athlete across the globe to tracking each athlete in your organisation, Elite Talent ID will provide the framework to make informed decisions and keep driving your organisation forward.



Elite Talent ID has been created and built through a partnership with JSA Consultants Ltd, by combining continuous research and years of practical application in an elite professional sporting environment to provide a functional model to identify and track elite athletes in any sport.

Through this experience it was clear that there was no talent identification model with the facility to record, track or compile the information gathered.

Elite Talent ID was created to fill this void and provide such a system where the benefits of using it could provide solutions to external talent identification as well as tracking and internal analysis where the financial and performance implications could be huge.

Elite Talent ID was designed and developed based on a glaring need within a real life environment where the practical application of such a product is continued to be tried, tested and proven every day.

The final step of the development, but perhaps the most important, was to make the system fully customisable for each user and organisation.

Through the understanding of the field of Talent Identification it became apparent that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not sufficient to produce the best results, rather, each system has to be tailored to specifically match the methods, the systems and the requirements of your organisation.

Having a configurable database and model ensures that every player scouted is done so critically, and with confidence, in line with your organisations specific needs and interests.


Managing DirectorProfile


The Managing Director of Elite Talent ID, Ross Hamilton has carved out a career by developing a talent identification project in a professional sporting environment. Originally taking an interest in talent identification whilst at Exeter University, Ross became convinced of the vast benefits a talent ID project could yield for sports organisations around the globe.

When it became apparent that interpreting and analysing the findings of such a project required a software system that could aid the process and record the results, Ross set about rectifying that by designing what is now Elite Talent ID.

Understanding that all software should never truly be complete, Ross has an ongoing partnership with JSA Consultants to continually develop the system ensuring it will always be at the forefront of its field and get the most out of a talent ID project.

Ross is currently undertaking a PhD in Talent Identification at Middlesex University to continue his research in the field and continually highlight areas of improvement.


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