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Choosing the right licence for you. There are 3 different levels of licence to choose from to match the needs of each different type of personnel in your organisation. Whilst all of Elite Talent ID’s features will help create the highest level talent identification reports, not all are needed by everyone. Choose the right one for you and all members of your organisation depending on their needs and level of access required.

Light Licence. This licence limits the user to search the database. The user though can see every aspect of all entries inputted into the database such as match reports, player evaluations, player ratings and clips as to be able to compare and interpret. The database can then also be used as a presentation tool to any relevant individual or party. As with all licences Elite Talent ID can be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection and from any device allowing you to track any updates and remain on top of the talent identification process. Primarily used by directors, head coaches or managers.

Pro Licence. The next step up now allows both search and edit functionality. The user can input all features of the system including player profiles, match reports, player evaluations and clips. Ideal for a user who would be working on the system daily. Every accessible feature enables production of a full and comprehensive evaluation. Primarily used by scouts, analysts and some coaches.

Elite Licence. The most comprehensive licence has all the features of Elite Talent ID including search and edit functions but also accounts for the customisation of your talent identification system. With Elite Talent ID’s ability to be specific to your organisation the Elite licence enables control over available teams, leagues and players, over rating scale, position specific criteria and match report formation. The full system you’d need to produce the highest level talent identification possible. Each organisation needs at least one Elite Licence to function. Primarily used by chief scouts or head analysts.


  • Search Player Profiles
  • Search Match Reports
  • Edit/Create Player Profiles
  • Edit/Create Match Reports
  • Full Customisation
  • Worldwide Access
  • Player Timelines
  • Real-time Database Feed
  • Dashboard Overview
  • Stats Interpreter Platform
  • Highcharts Integration
  • Double Layer Security
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Technical Support
  • 1 User Per Licence
  • Player Portal Control


  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited


  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited

All Licences are valid for 12 months from invoice date and renewable each year

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Full payment of the licence(s) will be required for you to receive your account details and be able to access your database instantly. Renewal payments must be received prior to your renewal date, if they are not your account will be frozen until resolved.
Payment can be made via Bank Transfer upon receipt of the invoice, renewal requests will be sent 2 months prior to your set renewal date. Please get in touch should you wish to pay an alternate way and special considerations can be made.
Your renewal date is exactly 12 months from your start date of each licence, you can select your renewal date the first time you set up your account, the initial payment will then be worked out on a pro rata basis from your start date to your renewal date, so long as that is over 1 year from your start date.
No, there is no commitment to any length term or amount of renewals.
 Yes, should you wish to upgrade your current licence you must email support@elitetalentid.com with your upgrade option and the pro rata amount above your current licence shall be invoiced.
You can use your account on any device at any time but not on more than one at a time.
With any licence you have unlimited access to technical support in accordance with the full terms and conditions, along with professional support or aid with the system via contacting our support team.