Need for a Structured Analytics System in Sports

Need for a Structured Analytics System in Sports

Data analytics is the newfound rage in the field of sports, which is being readily adopted as a means of more accurate and precise assessment of ranking a team’s or player’s performance. Today, the need for an accurate system of data analytics is felt in various arenas of professional sport, as it is deemed to be one of the factors that can effectively facilitate the formation of precise and authentic conclusions, based on objective assessment.

The emphasis on the need for an accurate data analytics system in professional sports has brought technology to the forefront. With the increasing demand for the employment of accurate data analytics system, technology has become one of the most important aspects in the field of professional sports. The players now rely on the methods and procedures of advanced technology to gain insight into their performances and the mechanics of the relevant sport. This enables them to clearly identify their strengths and weakness, allowing them to take adequate measures to improve their skills, abilities, and eventually overall performance in the field.

Body sensors and 3D Doppler radars are two of the examples of integrated technology into sports, to lead to more effective and efficient assessment methods, through accurate data analytics. With the increasing use and influence of technology in professional sports, Gary King, Director of Institute of Quantitative Social Science, at Harvard University, suggests that in coming future, data analytics is to play a significant role in the sports field. It will be influencing decisions and conclusions in more than one ways.

Since most of conclusions in sports rely on quantitative, objective results, data analytics can be of considerable importance in determining the accuracy of the end scores. As mentioned earlier, technology including body sensors and 3D Doppler radars can be of significant use in ensuring accurate results and scoring, leaving minimal or no room for ambiguity and doubt.

The precision of the results, as a consequence of an accurate data analytics system, also helps in determining the net worth of a professional sports player. As the complied data analytics are relied upon for the formation of analytical and assessment reports, whose conclusions are considered by various teams before investing in a player. Ensuring to make use of an accurate data analytics system will lead to an accurate assessment and judgement of a player’s talent and skills, allowing the teams to select best suited options to be hired.

An accurate data analytics system further provides the individual player with an objective and precise appraisal of their performance, employing a tested and acknowledged mode of measurement for their skills. Relying on the devised conclusions of an accurate data analytics system, players can become better aware of their current form and the areas in which they might need improvement.

An accurate data analytics system is believed- and has proven in various cases- to be of considerable significance in the early identification of deserving talent and facilitating the formation of precise evaluation reports. It has benefitted the sports field in more than one ways, the importance of which is covered in more detail in our next article.

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